Welcome to Purchase Order Services from Capgemini

Capgemini has partnered with Tungsten Network to offer Purchase Order Services (PO Services) to different sets of suppliers. Scroll down to see what services are available and if they’re available for you.

Select your preferred PO Services Option

Web Form - PO Convert

Allows portal users to easily review, accept, and then convert Purchase Orders into e-invoices at the click of a button.

  • No re-keying of PO information to the invoice creation form
  • No data entry errors
  • One-click converts a PO to an invoice
  • Increased first-time match rate of PO to invoice
  • Fewer exceptions and an increase in on-time payment
  • Increase in on-time payment
  • Decrease in number of rejections due to PO issues

Integrated Solution - Portal or PO Delivery

Integrate with the Network to receive POs directly into your finance or order management system and benefit from:

  • No more manual PO data entry
  • A streamlined purchase order process
  • Integrate once and receive PO’s electronically from other customers on the network too
  • Guaranteed delivery 100% of the time, no more orders going unfulfilled
  • Line level purchase order detail in a standardised format

What does the PO Services roll out mean for me?

  • ALL Web Form and Integrated Suppliers to Capgemini will automatically have PO Validation services performed against their invoices to ensure first-time match rates and fewer exceptions.
  • Any open and new orders raised by Capgemini will be available to view within the Tungsten Network Portal, with the ability to automatically convert those orders to invoices with a few clicks.
  • If you are an existing Capgemini supplier within Tungsten, any historical open POs in the last 15 months which is consumed less than 95% will be transmitted to your Tungsten account with the remaining balance and can be viewed in the portal from [GO LIVE DATE]
  • If you are a new supplier in Tungsten, your POs should be available on your account within 36-72 hours of your connection to a Capgemini entity being completed.
  • If you are a Web Form Supplier, you will be able to see your POs on the Tungsten Network Portal and automatically convert them to an invoice with one click.
  • Integrated Suppliers, you will be able to see your POs on Tungsten Network Portal to ensure and validate that all details are correct and also can receive POs directly to their order management system or ERP. Contact Tungsten to discuss the mapping set up or upgrade to integrated account today.


Why is Capgemini is using PO Services?

As part of Capgemini’s ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and supplier experience, the roll-out of PO Convert will help streamline the invoice submission process and reduce invoice issues.

Our key objective with PO Services is to:

Make e-invoicing faster and easier for our suppliers by eliminating data entry, that takes time, can be error-prone, which causes delays and invoice rejections.

Want to learn more about PO Services or need technical support?
Please raise a support ticket or call the Tungsten helpdesk.

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