Working Cash Flow

Turn Your Accounts Payable into a Profit Center!



Suppliers often find managing their working cash flow to be a difficult balancing act. With various payment terms and little insight into payment status, suppliers are left wondering when and if they’ll get paid. This is not the case with suppliers on the Tungsten Network.

Tungsten Network provides suppliers on their network with insight into invoice status from receipt to payment. And for those suppliers who want to better manage their cash flow, Tungsten Early Payment provides advanced payment on approved invoices. With Tungsten Early Payment, suppliers:

  • Receive dynamic pricing based on when they choose to sell their invoices
  • Receive the advance rate minus a competitive and transparent discount fee
  • Have options for receiving payment on one or all of the approved invoices, in one go

Tungsten Network lets suppliers know where their invoices are in the process and for those suppliers that wish to receive payment early, approved invoices are paid early by either the buyer, Tungsten Network, or a 3rd party, letting suppliers take charge of their working cash flow.

Learn more about your options by downloading this Spend Matters report, Accelerating Early Payment: Techniques and Approaches for Accelerating Cash in the Supply Chain.

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