SAP Electronic Invoicing

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There’s no denying that valuable resources are wasted in the processing of paper-based invoices and the manual handling of exceptions. And while electronic invoicing sounds attractive, the thought of integrating with existing infrastructure is often enough to turn off its most ardent supporter. Tungsten Network makes electronic invoicing a smooth transition for SAP customers.

As a certified SAP partner, Tungsten Network has developed e-invoicing solutions that seamlessly integrate with SAP, improving customer experiences. By leveraging SAP data and business rules in real time, Tungsten also provides a Workflow solution that eliminates the need for customized integration tools and makes it possible for SAP users to quickly experience the benefits of an automated AP workflow, including:

  • A reduction in processing costs
  • Flexible solutions to transition into e-invoicing from Workflow
  • Access to real-time data and reporting for optimized spending

Learn more about how Tungsten Network was named one of CIO Applications’ top 25 Best SAP Solution Providers for 2016 by downloading this article from Tungsten CEO, Richard Hurwitz.


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