Processing Invoices In India

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Has your organization found it difficult to do business in India? Do the confusing regulations make processing invoices in India both costly and time-consuming? Tungsten Network is changing that.

As the sole electronic invoice service provider approved by the Central Authority (CBEC), Tungsten Network has put in the time and effort to meet the nationwide and state-specific tax requirements and supports:

  • Excise invoices nationwide
  • Service tax invoices nationwide
  • Goods invoices encompassing both Value Added Tax (VAT) and Central States Tax (CST) in West Bengal, Chandigarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi

Furthermore, a staff of more than 100 English-speakers situated within the region make short work of questions about processing invoices in India.

For more details about how electronic invoicing on the Tungsten Network ensures global tax compliancy, download this informative report.

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