Online Invoice Management System

Turn Your Accounts Payable into a Profit Center!


Electronic invoicing can be quick and easy to implement. Tungsten Network offers services that enable global buyers to deploy e-invoicing and supplier portals rapidly and cost-effectively. Tungsten Connectors are proven, verified technologies that automate the exchange of data from buyers enterprise resource planning (ERP), workflow, and imaging solutions to the Tungsten Network. They accelerate the path to e-invoicing ROI, while also substantially reducing cost and risk.

We also work directly with suppliers, using our proven methodology and change management communications to onboard them swiftly, so that they also benefit from invoice automation.

Tungsten Network enables buyers and suppliers to submit, process, and pay invoices online in the language, currency and format of their choice . Suppliers can use their accounting systems or Tungsten Network supplier portal to submit invoice data  electronically in their desired format.

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