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Turn Your Accounts Payable into a Profit Center!


Paperless invoicing delivers multiple benefits for an organization. From fueling and sustaining growth to scaling easily and cost-effectively across functions, businesses, and regions, the popularity of e-invoicing is no surprise. And that’s where Tungsten Network comes in.

As the world’s largest compliant electronic invoicing network, Tungsten Network connects hundreds of thousands of Buyers and Suppliers around the globe. With Tungsten Network e-invoicing Buyers and Suppliers are able to submit, process, and pay invoices online in the language, format, and currency of their choice.

Tungsten Network supports:

  • Integration with leading ERP systems
  • Distribution of legally compliant invoices in 47 countries
  • Increased invoice accuracy and a reduction in exceptions

For an invoice generator that will increase efficiency and accuracy within your organization, look to Tungsten Network. Making the business case doesn’t have to be difficult, download this informative special report for helpful tips.

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