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Managing working capital and corporate spend is the primary focus of finance executives in these uncertain economic times. And let’s face it, the paper-based processes of the past don’t make this easy, which is why more and more organizations are turning to Tungsten Network.

As a leader in compliant electronic invoicing — around the globe — Tungsten Network is connecting hundreds of thousand of Buyers and Suppliers for the seamless exchange of purchase order, invoice, and payment status information. In addition to greater accuracy and efficiency, Buyers benefit from:

  • Less time spent processing invoices — leaving more time to focus on company objectives
  • Reduced invoice processing costs — by 50% or more
  • Access to real-time data for optimized spending

Suppliers enjoy:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices
  • Reduced invoice exceptions — meaning fewer blocked payments
  • Visibility into invoice and payment status

What’s more, Suppliers on the Tungsten Network are given the option of receiving early payment on approved invoices, which strengthens relations and adds a competitive advantage.

Learn more about the power of Tungsten Network by downloading this invoice automation white paper.

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