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In an effort to modernize financial management systems, the federal government has designated that the Departments of Agriculture, Treasury, Interior and Transportation spearhead the efforts using shared services. Therefore, the mandate from the OMB stating that federal agencies transition to electronic invoicing for appropriate federal procurements by the end of 2018 falls under their purveyance.

As the world leader in compliant electronic invoicing, Tungsten Network provides the visibility government agencies need for late payment avoidance, not to mention the ability to significantly reduce processing fees. And those savings can go a long way toward funding critical agency missions. In addition, Tungsten Network stands out at the federal level due to:

  • Making it possible for firms of all sizes to conduct business with the federal government
  • Improving AP department productivity
  • Preventing fraud and risk with improved internal controls

Federal agencies will be implementing electronic invoicing. It’s time to find a solution to fit your needs. Tungsten Network is just the solution you need.

Learn more about the government mandate and how shared services are approaching it by downloading this Spend Matters paper.

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