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Transacting on a global level isn’t as simple as one would think. Government regulations vary in different states, regions, and countries. And more and more companies are recognizing that to be compliant they need a global business portal. They need Tungsten Network.

As an e-invoicing network provider, Tungsten Network is at the forefront of global compliance. Buyers and suppliers on the Tungsten Network gain significant efficiencies that enhance business decision making and cash flow management.

Global buyers benefit from:

  • Easily scaled business operations, facilitating global growth
  • Automated financial processes, increasing efficiency and accuracy
  • Improved internal controls for a reduction of fraud and risk

Global suppliers benefit from:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices
  • Support of the delivery of electronic invoices in 47 countries
  • Optimized financial management processes

With Tungsten Network, compliance is ranked high. In each country where the Tungsten global business portal is offered, the services of an official tax advisor are engaged to ensure technical and operational readiness.

Learn more about Tungsten Network and our global business solution by downloading this report.

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