eProcurement Software Comparison

Looking For More Insights?


Any eProcurement software comparison should include an answer to the following question: Does it offer insights into spending and payment that can help to reduce redundant or overspend?

Tungsten Network does this — and more.

Tungsten Network e-invoicing customers gain insight into previously inaccessible data and savings opportunities in real time. With Tungsten Network Analytics, customers enjoy:

  • Supplier negotiation support and vendor consolidation rationale
  • Easy to use reporting tools and robust, real-time data
  • Historical and real-time price variance analysis
  • Contract and policy compliance

Customers utilizing Tungsten Network Analytics are saving an annual average of 1-4% of total spend. Keep that in mind when you are doing your eProcurement software comparison. For further details, download the informative paper to your right.

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