Cost Center Vs Profit Center

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When accounts payable is given the option of being a cost center vs. profit center, they obviously choose the profit center title. After all, the value added to an organization with improved cash flow and increased efficiency impacts more than just AP. And that’s where Tungsten Network comes in.

Organizations that transition to electronic invoicing maximize efficiency and realize savings. On the Tungsten Network, hundreds of thousands of Buyers and Suppliers are brought together so that electronic invoicing initiatives are successful. As a result:

  • Invoice processing costs and errors are minimized
  • Invoice exceptions are reduced, meaning less exception management
  • Internal controls are improved, reducing fraud and risk

Furthermore, invoicing electronically on the Tungsten Network gives users access to real-time data that can be used in spend optimization.

Find out more about Tungsten Network and your cost center vs. profit center options by downloading this informative report today.

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