Concept Of Working Capital

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While most companies understand the concept of working capital, for most it’s just that — a concept. Rather than having adequate access to working capital they find themselves anxiously awaiting payments from their customers — and putting off paying their own suppliers. Tungsten Networks understands that by tailoring finance to meet the needs of the supplier, the benefits are far-reaching.

Tungsten Early Payment is an accelerated invoice payment solution available exclusively to suppliers on the Tungsten Network. Tungsten Early Payment puts suppliers in control of their cash flow by allowing them to:

  • Choose when to take payment, timing receipt to when it’s needed
  • Use as needed, whether occasionally, regularly, or seasonally
  • Select as few or many approved invoices as you like, in just one go

See how you can make the concept of working capital a reality, with Tungsten Network. Download this report to learn more.

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