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There’s power in networks.  You know this already of course from the way you run both your business and your personal life.  At Tungsten Network, we believe in the power of the network too.

Every year, 200 thousand suppliers in 200 countries send over 16 million electronic invoices to 200 hundred of the world’s biggest Buyers.  These invoices are worth over $200bn.

But the real power of the Network is that, when a new Buyers joins Tungsten, we find that many of their suppliers are already transacting with us.  So electronically connecting these suppliers for a new Buyer is the work of hours rather than days and weeks.  Download this insight today and read more about the world’s largest international business network.

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Abbiamo creato la più grande rete mondiale di transazioni commerciali conforme alle normative, per accompagnare le aziende globali nel loro percorso verso l'eccellenza.

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